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R2UTechnologies | modular system

R2UTechnologies | modular system
alarmPublication date: 31 October, 2023

Barra de logótipos das entidades financiadoras: PRR, República Portuguesa e União Europeia

The Innovation Pact “R2UTechnologies | modular system” consists of the development and industrialization of a new disruptive concept of modular construction. This concept will be developed in order to be able to respond to the growing needs of the market and the new challenges of the sector, particularly in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. As a result, the Pact will empower the business sector, the academic sector and HR themselves with the means, knowledge, and key skills to create, in Portugal, a cluster for the global supply of the modular construction sector, thus envisaging the launch of 18 PPS with an international tradable profile at the end of the project.

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