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alarmPublication date: 26 May, 2019

linkWebsite: http://sudoket.com/

The European Commission has quite recently (2011) identified Europe’s Key Enabling Technologies thanks to the pioneering work of an ad-hoc High-Level Expert Group. KETs are a group of six technologies: micro and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies. KETs provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors. They underpin the shift to a greener economy, are instrumental in modernising Europe’s industrial base, and drive the development of entirely new industries. Their importance makes them a key element of European industrial policy and notably the re-industrialisation of Europe. But KETs in their industrial form come generally as multi-technology, integrated cases and each industry sector needs to assess their multiple forms, market expectations, localised critical mass, industrial scalability, etc. And as they are knowledge intensive, industry strongly relies on RTOs and academia to lead and perform those several necessary steps in order to leverage the full potential of KETs in the European space. Furthermore inside the SUDOE area, where the Programme intends to help area actors to strengthen their potential and achieve critical mass, putting altogether the R&D resources of the SUDOE countries, where some of the leaders RTOs in Europe are established. This project aims to contribute in this task.