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alarmPublication date: 21 October, 2022

linkWebsite: https://www.sus2trans.com

Transições Transformativas Sustentáveis – Conciliar a Aceleração das Transições para Baixo Carbono com Transformações do Sistema

Sus2Trans aims to identify the decarbonization pathways which conciliate the need for rapid decarbonization with transformation in other sectors of the economy in addition to energy, such as mobility, construction, food and industry.

The research combines theoretical contributions of socio-technical transitions and economic geography to identify low-carbon transition pathways with the greatest transformative potential, assess their impact on the socioeconomic context and investigate how countries and regions are preparing for such transformation. On this basis the project will also identify strategic levers under which policies can intervene to amplify the effect of transitions on structural transformation at national and regional level.

The project is organized in five WorkPackages:

WP1 – Typology of transformative transitions

WP2 – Technology innovations with transformative capacity

WP3 – Transformative potential and spatial transformation

WP4 – Emerging trends of sustainable transformation

WP5 – Policies and strategies for transformative change

Co-funded by:
Logótipo da Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

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