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alarmLast updated:22 May, 2020

Prevention and Corrosion Control for Offshore Wind Energy. Experimental Study on WindFloat prototype


Perform the assessment of steel corrosion and the efficiency of corrosion protection paint systems on offshore environment, taking into account different zones of exposure of the floating wind turbine platform.

With the first pilot project of offshore floating wind turbine being carried out in Portugal, the Materials and Coatings Laboratory (LMR) of LNEG  has developed the Wind_Enermar project – “Prevention and  Corrosion Control for offshore wind energy – Experimental Study on WindFloat prototype“.

The partnership between LMR and Principle Power, allowed the use of WindFloat platform as a in-situ test site for the marine corrosivity evaluation as well as for the evaluation of corrosion protection systems in the Atlantic Ocean.

Expected Results

At the end of this project, LMR wants to optimize and develop skills in the area of protection and durability of materials in Portuguese seawater and offshore environments, that will be useful to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of different industrial partners directly and indirectly associated with offshore energy exploration.

Research units