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Category: Tests
alarmLast updated:15/03/2023

Accredited tests are available at:

Analytical activities not included in the scope of accreditation:

  • Determination of cetane index *
  • Determination of viscosity at 40ºC *
  • Distillation test (vol. % recovered) *
  • Determination of flash point *
  • Determination of carbon residue (10% distillation residue) *
  • Determination of total contamination *
  • Determination of copper strip corrosion (3h a 50ºC) *
  • Determination of oxidation stability *
  • Determination of additives (Mn) *

* Test not included in the scope of accreditation.


Supplied when demanded.


  • A proposal will be sent when requested;
  • The tests are initiated after proposal acceptance by the client and reception of samples in the laboratory.