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Saline natural waters

Saline natural waters
Category: Tests
alarmLast updated:16/04/2020

LBB is a testing laboratory accredited according to NP EN ISO 17025 with IPAC Accreditation Certificate Nº L0041. The accredited tests are available in http://www.ipac.pt/pesquisa/ficha_lae.asp?id=L0041.

The LBB activity is oriented towards the development of test methods in the field of biofuels and fuels and the recovery of natural resources in accordance with both European and international directives and national legislation.

All tests are carried out either standard methods in-house procedures, which are developed to fulfill the customer specifications or regulations.

  • Determination of pH *
    ME 200_31, Ed.01, 2015 equivalent to SMEWW 23rd edition 4500 H+; Potentiometry.
  • Determination of total suspended solids *
    SMEWW 23rd Edition 2540 D; Gravimetry.
  • Determination of electrical conductivity *
  • Determination of nitrites and nitrates
    ME 200_24, Ed. 04, 2015; segmented flow analysis.
  • Determination of fluoride *
  • Determination of chloride *
  • Determination of anionic surfactants *
    ME 200_30, Ed. 01, 2013; equivalent to SMEWW 23rd Edition 5540C; Molecular absorption spectrometry (methylene blue).
  • Determination of total phosphorous *
  • Determination of phosphate *
  • Determination of dissolved oxygen *
    NP 733:1969; Método Winkler; Volumetria.
  • Determination of kjeldahl nitrogen*
  • Determination of ammonium *
  • Determination of mercury *
  • Determination of salinity *
  • Determination of chlorophyll a *

* Test not included in the scope of accreditation.


Supplied when demanded.


  • A proposal will be sent when requested;
  • The tests are initiated after proposal acceptance by the client and reception of samples in the laboratory.