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Sludges and residues

Sludges and residues
Category: Tests
Last updated: 12/01/2021

  • Determination of loss of ignition from 500 ºC to 1000 ºC ª
    ME 114_08, Ed. 03, 2009; Gravimetry.
  • Determination of aluminum, calcium, lead, copper, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese, nickel and zinc ª
    ME 114_04, Ed. 04, 2013; Flame atomic absorption spectrometry (acid soluble digestion).
  • Determination of Kjeldahl nitrogen ª
    ME 114_10, Ed. 04, 2014; Volumetry after digestion.
  • Determination of moisture and dry matter at 105 ºC ª
    ME 114_07, Ed. 04, 2016; Gravimetry.
  • Determination of mercury ª
    ME 114_18, Ed. 05, 2013; Direct mercury analysis
  • Determination of pH ª
    ME 114_06, Ed. 04, 2015; Potenciometry.

ª Test with voluntary suspension.


Supplied when demanded.


  • A proposal will be sent when requested;
  • The tests are initiated after proposal acceptance by the client and reception of samples in the laboratory.