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Solar thermal collectors tests

Solar thermal collectors tests
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alarmPublication date: 19 September, 2019
alarmLast updated: 13 July, 2022

The LES, Solar Energy Laboratory, is an accredited Laboratory by the Portuguese Accreditation Body to perform tests to Solar Thermal Collectors and Solar Thermal Systems, according to the European Norms EN ISO 9806 and EN 12976-2. The Laboratory, based on the results of the tests, evaluates the conformity to the requirements of the European Norms EN 12975-1 e EN 12976-1.

The test can be performed in the scope or out of the scope of certification of solar thermal collectors.

Ensaio de coletores solares térmicos

1. Tests in the scope of product’s certification

To obtain the certification of Solar Thermal Collectors it is necessary to contact a certification body. Type tests are performed in the beginning of the certification process. It is up to the certification body to select, in the factory, the samples for tests that will be sent to the Laboratory that will perform the type tests. For this procedure, the contacts should be established with the certification body that requests the Laboratory to perform the tests. The certification bodies available in the frame of the European Scheme Certification are available on the website Solar Keymark.

In Portugal the certification body is CERTIF:

2. Tests out of the scope of product’s certification

If the product certification is not the option needed but only collector testing, the contact for test request is established directly with the Laboratory.

To request a test it is necessary 

The request is formalized on the date that the Laboratory receives these documents.

Deadlines for the service

  • The deadlines for delivery of test reports are dependent on the volume of work existing in Laboratory;
  • The time required for the tests has a large dependency on weather conditions, requiring a minimum of 2 to 3 months with good conditions;

When agreement on the tests scheduled is reached, the delivery date of the equipment at the Laboratory for commencement of the tests will be indicated.


  • The cost is dependent on the objectives of the tests and is always subject to quotation on a case to case base;
  • The Laboratory is not responsible for any shipping costs or other (e.g. customs costs) associated with the delivery of test samples.