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Surface treatment and metallic coatings

Surface treatment and metallic coatings
Category: Tests
alarmPublication date: 19 September, 2019
alarmLast updated: 05 June, 2020

The Laboratory of Materials and Coatings (LMR) of LNEG is a specialized center in the fields of corrosion, degradation and anticorrosive protection of materials.

Tests to characterize the preparation of surfaces, conversion treatments and different metallic coatings are carried out:

  • Presence of layer (chromated zinc and chromated cadmium) *
  • Control of the adhesion of the layer obtained by chromate conversion (zinc and cadmium) *
  • Determination of the mass per unit area and of the coating mean thickness (Zinc-coated products) *
  • Determination of the coating thickness by Eddy-current method (zinc coated products, anodizing aluminium, nickel-plated steel) *
  • Control of the adhesion by friction (Zinc-coated products) *
  • Control of coating uniformity (Zinc-coated products) *
  • Test to reveal the presence of a passivation film (zinc-coated products) *
  • Checking the continuity of the coating (anodized aluminum) *
  • Determination of the coating mass per unit area – Gravimetic method (anodized aluminum) *
  • Checking of the sealing coating: Attack by acid acetic test (anodized aluminium) *
  • Checking of the sealing coating: Absorbing dye with acid prior action test (anodizing aluminium) *
  • Control of the coating adhesion (nickel-plated steel) *.

* Test not included in the scope of accreditation.


Cost upon request

Deadlines for the service

  • To carry out tests the time limit for submission of a quotation is 24 to 96 hours after request, depending on its extend/complexity;
  • Tests are initiated after acceptance of quotation and reception of samples or as agreed between parts;
  • The report is issued 10 days after the end of the tests. This period may be extended depending on the number of samples tested as well as on the number of tests carried out.