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Circular and sustainable procurement

Circular and sustainable procurement
Category: Consultancy, Studies and Expert Advices
alarmData de publicação: 05/06/2020

Studies, advice, consulting and advanced training in the theme of circular and sustainable procurement:

  • Support of strategic public procurement policies at micro, meso and macro level (organisational, local, regional and national level) aligned with Sustainable Development and Circular Economy objectives;
  • Development of methodologies, studies and tools;
  • Preparation and implementation of national and European R&D projects in Green/Sustainable/Circular/Innovation/Low carbon procurement;
  • Tailored consultancy support to public authorities, private and third sector organisations in Green/Sustainable/Circular/Innovation/Low carbon procurement;
  • Advanced training and capacity building in Green/Sustainable/Circular/Innovation/Low carbon procurement.

Deadline for the provision of the service
The deadline depends on the complexity of the work and is defined on a case-by-case basis, through prior consultation.

Price upon request.

Investigation units