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Corrosion, anticorrosive protection and materials durability

Corrosion, anticorrosive protection and materials durability
Category: Consultancy, Studies and Expert Advices
alarmPublication date: 10 September, 2019
alarmLast updated: 05 June, 2020

LNEG offers through its specialized center in the areas of characterization, corrosion / degradation and anticorrosive protection of materials, studies, consulting, examinations and audits in the following areas:

Detection, diagnosis, study and prevention of corrosion;

  • Detection , diagnosis, study and prevention of corrosion;
  • Support for the specification of materials, including surface treatments and coatings;
  • Selection of corrosion protection schemes according to the expected service life;
  • Diagnosis and failure analysis of structures and / or equipment;
  • Evaluation of industrial processes to improve technological processes taking into account energy efficiency and quality;
  • Evaluation of the behavior of materials in service, such as the behavior of coatings;
  • Conflict arbitration and valuations as impartial and independent entity.

These works focus mainly on 5 technical and scientific areas:

  • Metallic materials, surface treatment and metallic coatings;
  • Natural and polymeric materials;
  • Paints, varnishes and organic coatings;
  • Artificial aging;
  • Natural aging.

Which may involve performing various laboratory tests, including:

  • Natural and Artificial Aging;
  • Characterization of Materials and Coatings;
  • Polymeric materials;
  • Paints and related products;
  • Organic coatings;
  • Surface treatment, metallic and inorganic coatings.

Deadlines for the service
The realization of the study, consultancy, expert or audit, depends on the complexity of the work to be carried out and is defined, case by case, through the previous consultation with the Laboratory.

Cost upon request.

For more information please contact the Laboratory of Materials and Coatings.


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