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Category: Consultancy, Studies and Expert Advices
alarmPublication date: 05 June, 2020
alarmLast updated: 05 January, 2022

LNEG has expertise and specific equipment to carry out groundwater services:

  • Flow tests
    Execution and interpretation of various types of flow tests in wells. These provide the most suitable technical conditions for the local exploitation of aquifers.
  • Tracer tests
    Performing tracer tests with specific sensors for monitoring the arrival of the tracer at various time-intervals, in order to obtain information about the paths and timing of groundwater flow.
  • Wells construction
    Advice and technical assistance for drilling and well construction. Elaboration of projects, supervision of works and delivery of tender documents.
  • Water Quality Assessment 
    Determination of physical and chemical parameters of water, in the field and in the laboratory. Report on water quality and its suitability for various uses.

Deadlines for the service provision
Variable, given upon response to client.

Price on request.

Research units