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Materials for energy

Materials for energy
Category: Consultancy, Studies and Expert Advices
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Imagem d microscópio eletrónico

LNEG develops studies, reports and advisory in the field of Materials for Energy, in the following areas:

  • Materials for photovoltaic technologies, namely organic / hybrid and inorganic;
  • Thermoelectric materials namely transition metal sulphides;
  • Ceramic foams;
  • Materials manufactured by powder technology;
  • Development of methodologies for obtaining materials by concentrated solar radiation;
  • Technologies for the manufacture of materials in microwave and hybrid furnaces;
  • Processes for recovering metallic materials from their primary and secondary sources;
  • Materials for fuel cells, batteries and hydrogen technologies, including production by electrolysis;
  • Stability and robustness tests of batteries, including tests of electrical and thermal abuse. Failure analysis.

Deadline for the provision of the service

The deadline for the completion of the study reports, expertise or technical advices, depends on the complexity of the work and is set in a case-by-case process.


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