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Circular economy

Circular economy
Category: Consultancy, Studies and Expert Advices
alarmPublication date: 01 June, 2020
alarmLast updated: 05 June, 2020

Studies, advice, consulting and advanced training in the field of circular economy:

  • Decision-support for public policies, including the design and implementation of strategies, research agendas, national legislation and standardization activities related to circular economy, ecodesign and environmental education, and pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (in particular SDGs 9 and 12);
  • Product and service design projects following circular economy and sustainability principles;
  • Support in the development of circular and sustainable business models (using e.g. the Business Model Canvas);
  • Development of tools to support organizations in the integration of circularity and sustainability in their strategies and practices;
  • Assessment of products, processes and services performance according to the Sustainable Value methodology;
  • Circularity assessment with a life cycle perspective applied to products, services and organizations;
  • Integration of circularity in organizational management systems (ISO 14001 environmental management systems; circularity implementation according to BS 8001);
  • Advanced training in these subjects, with a strong practical, hands-on approach, through the application of methods, tools and projects developed by LNEG.

Deadline for the provision of the service
The deadline depends on the complexity of the work and is defined on a case-by-case basis, through prior consultation.

Price upon request.

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