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Exploration - Data queries

Exploration – Data queries
Category: Technical Information
alarmPublication date: 12 November, 2019
alarmLast updated: 07 February, 2020

LNEG provides data related with mining exploration.


Databases of mineral occurrences

Inventory of main mineral occurrences in the country by substance

This database has the potential to be used, and has been used primarily by mining and exploration companies, consulting firms in the area of environment and land use planning, national and foreign Universities, Municipalities, by the Directorate General of Energy and Geology.

The information contained in this database has the potential to be used in scientific research projects, both national and international (including dissertations and PhD) in the exploration and research of national and international mining companies, in the process of Environmental Impact Assessment, Plans for Spatial land Planning, in thematic maps of mineral occurrences, geological mapping, amongst others.

Price on request

Geochemical data

LNEG has compiled a wide range of geochemical data in the areas with the greatest mining potential.


  • Companies: (€ 52 + VAT) per 100 records;
  • Research institutions: (€ 26 + VAT) per 100 records.

Geophysical data

Providing geophysical data obtained through the following techniques:

  • Gravimetry;
  • Land borne Magnetometry;
  • Scintillometry;
  • Air borne Magnetometry / spectrometry

Price on request

To apply you must specify

  • Location with coordinates ETRS89 TM06 or topographic / geological information;
  • Aim of the work;
  • Type of data required.

Deadlines for the provision of the service

  • The deadlines for the execution of requests depend on the complexity and volume of data requested. When the response to the request is elaborated the timing of the work will be given.

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