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Category: Technical Information
alarmPublication date: 05 November, 2019
alarmLast updated: 16 December, 2020

Litoteca of LNEG compiles hundreds of core sample boxes obtained during years of geological surveys and mineral exploration. This scientific information is available to researchers, students, local authorities, organizations and companies, through three archives located in the northern regions – S. Mamede de Infesta, center – Alfragide and south – Aljustrel.

Services provided by Litoteca of LNEG:

  • Online consultation

Online consultation of Sondabase database provides information regarding the identification and location of boreholes.

  • On-site consultation and sampling

Upon request it is possible to access to borehole cores and related information of different drilling campaigns in distinct parts of the country, as long as they are not bound to confidentiality.

Consultation by external users requires authorization by the UGHCG – Geology, Hydrogeology and Coastal Geology Unit Director for São Mamede de Infesta and Alfragide archives and from URMG – Mineral Resources and Geophysics Unit Director for the Aljustrel archive. Authorization must be requested by the contact form. Requests must mention the reasons and purposes of the consultation and the possible need for sampling, as well as provide elements in order to facilitate the location of the materials required for consultation, namely the designation and location of the survey.

Sampling release of logging or cuttings

The release of archived sampling to support ongoing prospecting and / or research projects is conditional to archive availability. No borehole or borehole section can be sampled whenever there is only half of the core. The integrity and continuity of the materials must be ensured. As such the provision of samples obeys the stipulated rules, requiring authorization by the LNEG technician who will escort the consultation.

Any released sample leftover must return to the Litoteca in order to be put back in place.

All data resulting from consultation and sampling must be submitted to LNEG, being kept and labeled as classified. In the case of research projects, all the monographs, books, theses, book chapters or articles produced must also be submitted to LNEG.

  • Rates

Online consultation is free of charge.

On-site consultation: € 147.60 for each morning or afternoon period. VAT included.

Provision of logging sampling: € 24.60 per sample. VAT included.

Provision of debris sampling (cuttings): € 18.45 per sample. VAT included.

Rates may be reduced by approximately 30% in case of research work carried out in an academic context. In order to apply, LNEG must put through an assessment, requiring verification of official documents issued by the entity behind the research.

  • Other services: quotation by demand.

Additional information can be obtained by the contact form.

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