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Category: Software
alarmPublication date: 05 November, 2019
alarmLast updated: 20 March, 2020

Performance analysis of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems

SolTerm is a program of performance analysis of solar systems, through numerical simulation of energy balances over a reference year, and specially designed for the climatic and technical conditions of Portugal.

SolTerm is prepared to evaluate the contribution of renewable energy systems to the energy balance of buildings, in the context of the Building Certification System according to the legal document: DL 118/2013 of August 20.
Associated with SolTerm is a database, including certified solar thermal collectors and solar thermal kits, as well as a set of components (tanks / exchangers, photovoltaic panels, batteries …).

SolTerm is developed and distributed by LNEG by the method of license of use.

The license is free of charges upon request to LNEG through the contact form.

The program is digitally available and will not be sent on physical media.

Detailled information only available in portuguese

  • License conditions;
  • Software Manual;
  • Frequently asked questions;
  • Software update;
  • Collectors and Kits: Data Base.

To order

To order use the contact form. You must indicate:

  • Name of user (the person that will use the software);
  • Entity (When the licensee is a company or school, if it is in an individual name you can omit);
  • Eletronic email address.

The data collected will only be used for LNEG’s own purposes, including the disclosure of information and events of a professional nature that LNEG deems relevant to the SolTerm license holders. If the addressees do not authorize these communications, they should refuse them, informing accordingly by e-mail to solterm.suporte@lneg.pt.

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