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The eMaPriCE project is completed. The results are now available.

The eMaPriCE project is completed. The results are now available.
alarmPublication date: 25 November, 2022
Category: Investigation , National News

The eMaPriCE project – study of Critical and strategic Raw Materials and circular economy in Portugal (2021-2022), developed by LNEG in partnership with APA, with the support of Circular and financed by the Environmental Fund, is concluded.

eMaPriCe aimed to identify, for Portugal, opportunities to implement Circular Economy (CE) strategies in order to prevent Critical Raw Materials (CPM) from becoming waste, as well as options for replacing these with raw materials not criticism.

The flows in the Portuguese economy of 31 critical raw materials (and one strategic) were mapped, the MPC+: 30 are the MPC in the European list of MPC to which natural cork has been added, due to its strategic relevance for Portugal, the world’s largest producer cork.

The results are available in Portuguese (soon also in English) on the project website https://emaprice.lneg.pt/ where it can be consulted:

  1. MPC+ applications in eight economic sectors in Portugal;
  2. MPC+ value chains identifying the steps that occur in our country;
  3. MPC+ flows in the national economy for 21 representative products ranging from automobiles to renewable electricity production technologies;
  4. Database with examples of application of circularity strategies in each of the sectors and products studied.

A video summarizing the project can also be consulted here.

The results obtained are a first approach to the subject in Portugal and in the sectors studied, with a set of final recommendations, of which we highlight the need for collaborative work, a systemic approach between the different actors in order to reach quantification and validation, the as detailed as possible, of existing MPC+, in the most diverse forms, in the national economy.

We invite everyone to visit the site, analyze the results obtained and share them with their networks of interested parties, so that there is a wide dissemination and discussion on this issue that is so current and under discussion in various sectoral fora, national and European.