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UNECE Resource Management Week 2021

UNECE Resource Management Week 2021
alarmPublication date: 26 April, 2021Category: Investigation

Enabling Sustainability Principles in Resource Management
26-30 April 2021 | Palais des Nations | Geneva & Online

Within the scope of UNECE – Resource Management Week 2021, Teresa Ponce de Leão participated as speaker and / or “chair” in the related sessions:

April 26th
Session 1: Enabling sustainability principles in resource management
Session 2: Renewable Energy Workshop with focus on integrated water–energy management

April 27th
Session 3: Workshop on UNFC and UNRMS to support food-water-energy nexus and “build back better” from Covid-19 pandemic

April 28th
Session 5: Workshop “Towards circularity in resource production and use”

Programme: https://bit.ly/3dOXklR