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Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit

Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

The Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit has human resources and pilot and laboratory infrastructures in the areas of bioenergy and circular bioeconomy, performing R&D&I activities in:

  • Mapping of biomass potential and biomass technological valorization for energy (biofuels, electricity and heat) and bioeconomy (biomaterials and bioproducts) value chains;
  • Evaluation of GHG emissions and reduction by type of activity and/or by industrial unit. Identification of renewable endogenous energy bioresources towards the diversification of energy sources, the increase of security supply, the environmental protection, the minimisation of emission effects and the promotion of renewable energies;
  • Design, development and integration of thermochemical-based (for instance, pyrolysis, gasification and hydrodeoxygenation), biochemical-based (fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis) and chemical-based (catalytic reactions) technological processes for either energy-driven or biobased products- driven biorefineries, including carbon sequestration with microalgae;
  • Design, development and valorization of technological processes to obtain Renewable Synthetic Fuels;
  • Evaluation studies of biogas and biomethane potential, including valorization of agroindustrial effluents;
  • Evaluation studies of life cycle and environmental, economic and social sustainability analysis of bioeconomy value chains in the circular context;
  • Public policies in the areas of biomass, bioenergy, biofuels and biobased products (Bioeconomy) including support in the formulation of strategic plans, support to the State in European Directives and national legislation on biomass, biofuels and biorrefineries;
  • National system for the compliance with sustainability criteria in the production of bioliquids and biofuels (ECS)

For the development of these activities, the Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit has the following thematic areas of expertise:

AT1- Biomass, Resource and Valorisation Potential

AT2- Biorrefineries for the Bioenergy

AT3- Biorrefineries for the Bioeconomy

AT4- Renewable Synthetic Fuels

AT5- Biorrefineries and Biofuels Sustainability

In the area of External Services, the Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit has a Biomass and Biofuels Laboratory (LBB), accredited by IPAC (NºL0041). It performs various tests on solid and liquid biomass and also on biofuels, fuels and oils.

Research and Innovation Infrastructures

The Bioenergy and Biorrefineries Unit has a Biomass and Energy Research Infrastructure (BBRI) that integrates the 2014-2020 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap of FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology. It also integrates the European project BRISK2 (www.brisk2.eu)

Areas of activity