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Mineral Resources and Geophysics Unit

Mineral Resources and Geophysics Unit
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

The Mineral Resources and Geophysics Unit (URMG), undertakes research on mineral resources and the mineral potential of Portugal, as well as their interaction with the environment and society. Its main objectives are to support companies in the mining sector, contributing to innovativeexploration methodologies, and to support the Portuguese state in public policies to safeguard and promote mineral resources.

URMG has three main priority action areas:

Exploration, inventory and valorisation of Portuguese mineral resources

  • Research on primary and secondary mineral resources
  • Technical and scientific support to mining companies
  • Knowledge transfer focused on scientific publications and thematic mapping of mineral resources
  • Mineral and geothermal resource databases

Mineral resources safeguarding

  • Support to minerals safeguarding in Land-Use Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment policy tools
  • Contributions to conflict resolution in land-use planning

Environment protection and benefits for society

  • Contributes to the preservation of mining heritage and promotes geotourism
  • Research contributions on seismic hazards
  • Natural radioactivity mapping
  • Science outreach activities
  • Research contributions on environmental diagnostics

Areas of activity