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Mineral Science and Technology Unit

Mineral Science and Technology Unit
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019alarmLast updated: 04 May, 2023

The Mineral Science and Technology Unit (UCTM-LAB) performs its mission in the context of a mineralogical paradigm, conducting researches on mineralogical, chemical and physical properties of natural constituents that are incorporated into mineral raw materials, thus influencing the technical properties of the final materials, modeling and simulating their technological behavior. UCTM-Lab develops this research based on experimental and analytical activities, which are performed with accurate measurement norms, meeting traceable quality criteria according to reference standards.

Mineral resources are assets of the national economy that help to define its competitiveness in comparative terms. UCTM-Lab contributes to the valorization of mineral resources, developing technological solutions which enhance the value-chain and incorporate attributes into mineral products that increase the sustainability of the national mineral industry, in the perspective of rational exploitation and preservation of such resources.

While achieving these objectives, scientific, experimental and technological know-how is being developed and made available to companies: mineralogical, metallogenetic and geochemical studies, supported by microscopy, DRX, EMPA and chemical analysis of total stone and minor and trace elements, involving ore-processing techniques; technological characterization of industrial and ornamental stones; physico-chemical characterization and geochemical studies of mineral and spring waters; environmental impact assessment and control towards low impact mining solutions; health and safety conditions of working environments in mines, quarries and related industries.

Areas of activity