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Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Unit

Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Unit
alarmPublication date: 25 May, 2019

The Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency R&D Unit’s (UEREE) mission is to conduct R&D and promote Innovation as well as to support the business sector and the application of public policies in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage and integration of energy systems.

UEREE develops technologies for converting solar radiation into thermal and electric (photovoltaic) energy, and integration of solar thermal systems into processes. In Wind and Ocean Energy, R&D in characterizing wind potential in onshore, offshore and urban environments, in the evaluation of performance of wind power converters, waves and in the development of micro-wind technology.

In the area of Integration of Renewable Energies into Energy Systems, UEREE develops methodologies for: utilization of renewable resources; conception and modeling of ~100% renewable systems; studying electricity markets with high renewable penetration.

In the field of Energy in the Built Environment, the unit carries out R&D in energy efficiency and in Net Zero Energy Buildings, towards the Smart Cities concept, through sustainable energy development of cities, and involving energy flexibility studies including the integration of renewable energies in the urban context. It also develops activity aiming at sustainable construction techniques.

Within the LNEG Accredited Laboratory Network, the UER also integrates the Laboratory of Solar Energy.

Areas of activity