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Palestra "Blockchain for intelligent supply chains" por Jairo Romo

Palestra “Blockchain for intelligent supply chains” por Jairo Romo
directionsLocalização: LNEG, Campus de Alfragide
todayEvento a realizar: 16/11/2023
timerHorário: 12:00-13:00
alarmData de Publicação: 06 novembro, 2023alarmData de Atualização: 17 novembro, 2023

No passado dia 16 de novembro de 2023, realizou-se no LNEG a Palestra “Blockchain for intelligent supply chains”, por Jairo Romo.

Esta Palestra foi realizada em formato híbrido.


Supply Chain with Blockchain

Breve nota biográfica

Jairo Romo Marugan is a global expert in IT business transformation and innovation, he has had the privilege of working with C-level executives across various industries: governments, banking and financial institutions, energy and utilities, trade and commerce, supply chain and logistics. His expertise lies in driving competitive advantage through innovative IT strategies and rapid execution in high-growth and cutting-edge technology environments.

Career Highlights:

  • Mentor and Judge: Web3/ Blockchain/AI startups. VC, Startup advisor & connector. Stanford University. US
  • Professor, Blockchain disruptive technology program. MIT Professional Education. MIT. US
  • Observer, Applied Generative AI for Digital Transformation program. MIT Professional Education. MIT. US
  • EEA Blockchain Trade Finance & Supply chain working groups contributor. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.US
  • Hyperledger Trade Finance and Identity working groups Contributor. Hyperledger Foundation.
  • Ambassador Hudini – Spain. Blockchain advisor B89, Neobank with operations in US/Peru – US.
  • Blockchain advisor to Microsoft (CTO LatAm). Wipro – Seattle/WA/US.
  • Creation of the Blockchain business line in 2 different companies: Wipro and UST – US and LatAm.
  • Creation of the Blockchain Innovation Center – Wipro – Bay Area office. US
  • Creation of KYC consortium and Product. 3 largest banks in Colombia. – Wipro. US and LatAm.
  • Advisor CBDC to the Central Bank of Colombia – Wipro. US and LatAm
  • 16 blockchain product implementations, production environment. US – Globally.
  • Advisor ICO – STO Design (Whitepaper), Campaign launch, Fundraising. dClinic – Singapore.
  • Advisor American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPCA) Fintech / Blockchain program design. US
  • Co-founder new affiliate in Spain (Startup mode). UST – US.
  • Creation Center of excellence SAP / Testing. Iberdrola, Boots, Costco, Well Point. UST – Spain.
  • Dr. enterprise agile adoption project (MX/Peru/Argentine/Colombia/Turkey) BBVA Bank. UST – Globally.
  • Creation Rapid prototyping office (Agile, UX, DT, Testing) for Santander Bank. UST – Spain.
  • Dr. M&A IT transformation projects: Risk & Reg. controls (Germany); Contact center (US). Santander Bank.
  • Online Banking / Web (from mainframe to online banking): Brach Systems. BBVA Bank – Spain.
  • Creation of IT incidents ticketing system. BUPA – Spain.