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Palestra "Photonic-enhanced Sunlight-driven CO2 conversion: Producing Methane from Photovoltaics improved with Light Management"

Palestra “Photonic-enhanced Sunlight-driven CO2 conversion: Producing Methane from Photovoltaics improved with Light Management”
directionsLocalização: Evento Online às 15h00
todayEvento a realizar: 21/07/2020

alarmData de Publicação: 02 Julho, 2020

A Palestra realizou-se online no dia 21 de julho de 2020.

Artificial photosynthesis is regarded as one of the best ways to protect the environment while producing carbon-based fuels, because it closes the anthropogenic carbon cycle. We will present Photovoltaic-Electrochemical (PV-EC) integrated systems, enhanced via light management (photonic) strategies, capable of converting CO2 into usable carbon-based fuels with high solar-to-fuel efficiency, in which “smart” synergetic effects between the technologies are explored, such as thermal coupling that can strongly improve the reliability and energetic performance. This work is being carried out within the framework of LocalEnergy project.

Destinatários: Investigadores, técnicos, empresas, interessados no tema do desenvolvimento de sistemas energéticos sustentáveis.


Manuel João Mendes – CENIMAT-i3N

Nota biográfica

Manuel João de Moura Dias Mendes
In 2008 he completed a Master of Science degree from Rice University (Houston, USA), working in Carbon Nanotubes technology for Energy Harvesting, at the group of the Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley who is considered one of the founding fathers of Nanotechnology. In 2012 he completed his PhD in Photovoltaics (PV) at Instituto de Energía Solar (Madrid, Spain) on the novel topic of Nanophotonics for Quantum-structured PV. At this point, he was already inventor of 2 U.S. Patents – the first distinguished with an award from NASA Inventions & Contributions Board, and the second opened a new research line in Plasmonic Intermediate-band Solar Cells. This was followed by 2 Post-Docs in IMM-CNR (Italy) and CENIMAT (Portugal), funded by 2 prestigious Marie-Curie Fellowships, in Photonic-enhanced Thin-film PV. He is now Professor and R&D Team Leader at the Dep. of Materials Science of FCT-NOVA, where he leads the fields of Light Management for PV and Solar Fuels.
Dr. Mendes has been involved in 24 projects (16 national, 8 EU) in energy-related areas while working in USA (2005-08), Spain (2008-12), Italy (2012-14) and Portugal (2014-present). He has been PI of 3 projects (1 national, 2 EU), such as a recently-awarded ENLIGTHEN Marie-Curie action aimed at developing Nanostructured Perovskite Solar Cells. He has also been WP leader of 4 projects (3 national, 1 EU) related with Photonic-enhanced and Building-integrated PV. He acts as regular reviewer for 30 journals, and was co-editor of the journal Frontiers in Materials (Nature Publishing Group).


Photonic-enhanced Sunlight-driven CO2 conversion: Producing Methane from Photovoltaics improved with Light Management