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GeoERA Raw Materials - MREG meeting, LNEG 28-30 Sept.2021

GeoERA Raw Materials – MREG meeting, LNEG 28-30 Sept.2021
alarmData de Publicação: 27 setembro, 2021Categoria: Investigação , Notícias Nacionais

After the confinement measures imposed by covid, one of the first scientific and strategic steps in larger rates of liberty has resulted in the GeoERA Raw Materials – Mineral Resources Expert Group (MREG) meeting that is taking place at the Alfragide Campus of LNEG in Portugal. These three days of meetings and discussions will take place in a mixed F2F and on-line format to allow a broad audience for the important issues under discussion.

For many this event marks the first international trip in over 18 months after being confined by the covid pandemic. LNEG is taking every measure to make this meeting the safest one possible by taking all the measures indicated by the Directorate general of Health.

Alternative materials, the circular economy and globalization cannot meet European societal needs in terms of mineral raw materials. New production sites for minerals and rocks (dimension stone) need to be established while respecting sustainability and responsible sourcing policies.
GeoERA Raw Materials is recalling Europe’s long tradition in quarrying and mining that are nowadays still active in some regions. The re-evaluated potential of historical mining sites and new areas may add to reduce Europe’s vulnerability and add to the security and sustainability of mineral raw materials supply from European sources at the top of the value chain.

Nearly 40 National and Regional Geological Survey Organizations and Marine Institutes share expertise and information improving the EU Raw Materials Knowledge Base on European on- and off-shore resources. Coherent data and information, modern analyses, new insights and method developments are part of the work. Foresight and forecasting of the raw material supply potential of Europe becomes more reliable though increased data quality and its harmonization. Some highlights of the scientific work dig deeper through the very scientific projects EuroLITHOSFRAMEMINDeSEA and Mintell4EU. GeoERA Raw Materials creates valuable, accessible and public data and information for policy-makers and end-users of geological data and minerals information in Europe that is publicly available through EGDI and in line with the EU Raw Materials Information System (RMIS).

This event will discuss the current mineral intelligence issues considering the present concerns by industry and their leaders, the EU Commission, responsible and sustainable mineral sourcing and the criticality of raw materials and considers what are the next steps needed.