IRPWIND - Integrated Research Programme on Wind Energy


The IRPWIND project is an integrated research programme that leverages the long term European research potential, by combining strategic wind energy research projects and support activities.

In a context of increasingly fragmented, dispersed and under-funded EU energy research, this project also aims to accelerate the route to market for breakthrough innovations, which will ultimately secure the demanding European goals for wind energy generation by 2050. This programme is built on the success of existing initiatives supporting the SET Plan Agenda, such as the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme on Wind Energy, whose organizational structure and participation is mirrored in this consortium.

The overall goals of IRPWIND are:

1.  Promoting development of cost-reduction technologies for wind energy integration, in order to develop large offshore wind turbines and improving the efficiency of substructures;

2.  Overcoming technological barriers identified in the SET-Roadmap, such as large scale grid integration of wind energy, which have not been sufficiently addressed by public funded projects;

3.  Increasing collaboration and knowledge transfer among European researchers, towards a de-carbonized economy;

4.  Filling the gaps between diverse stakeholders, in Europe and worldwide, to advance the research agenda of the SET-Plan;

5.  Optimizing and promoting shared use and increased availability of infrastructural resources.




Regarding LNEG's role in this project, the main expected contributions relate to:

1.  European-scale wind park cluster control: technical, operational, economical and system security aspects.

2.  Forecasting tools for Wind Power Plants/Clusters operation and wind market participation.

3.  Power market design and modelling for high wind penetration.



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