Representações Internacionais


EERA - European Energy Research Alliance

Joint Programs

  • Bioenergy
  • Concentrated Solar Power
  • Energy Systems Integration
  • PhotovoltaicSolar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Shale Gas
  • Smart Cities

EGS - Eurogeosurveys

  • Mineral Resources Expert Group - MREG
  • Geochesmistry Expert Group
  • INSPIRE Expert Group
  • Earth Observation Group
  • Water Resources
  • International Cooperation Task Force - ICTF
  • Soil Resources - Superficial Deposits

ESEIA - European Sustainable Innovation Alliance

IEA - International Energy Agency

CERT Committee on Energy Research and Technology

CERT-EGSE - Expert Group on Science for Energy

REWP- Renewables Energies Working Party

WIND TCP- Wind Turbine Systems

PVPS TCP - Participation in the Executive Committee of the Photovoltaic Power Systems

SHC TCP - Solar Heating and Cooling

Wind TCP - Task 25 - Design and operation of power systems with large amounts of wind power

Wind TCP - Task 36 Forecasting for Wind Energy

Solar Keymark Network - Experience exchange circle of test labs, certifiers and inspectors working according to the Solar Keymark scheme rules



  • IRENA- International Renewable Energy Agency
  • ESFRI- European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures
  • OneGeology Consortium
  • INSPIRE Earth Science Thematic Cluster Geology; Natural Risk Zones; Soil; Mineral Resources; Energy Resources
  • COPERNICUS USER FORUM e COPERNICUS ACADEMY NETWORK - The European Earth Observation Programme
  • CCGM/CGMW - Commission for the Geological Map of the World
  • Procura+ - European Sustainable Procurement Network
  • ICC - International Corrosion Council
  • EGEC - European Geothelmal Energy Council
  • Geotrainet AISBL-Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif
  • EMAS - European Microbeam Analysis Society
  • Spatial Data Interest Communities (SDICs) for INSPIRE
  • ISO- International Organization for Standardization - Comissões Técnicas.



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