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StoRIES - European ecosystem to advance innovation in energy storage devices

StoRIES – European ecosystem to advance innovation in energy storage devices
alarmData de Publicação: 11 julho, 2022Categoria: Investigação

To address the European Green Deal challenges in the field of energy storage, new technologies are fundamental for more balanced and flexible grids, for back-up to intermittent renewable energy and to help to tackle challenges pertaining to seasonality. The EU-funded StoRIES project will promote a European ecosystem of industry and research organisations to develop innovative concepts and competitive and less costly energy storage technologies.

The project started on November 1st, 2021, lasting for a 4-year period. The consortium includes 16 partners and 31 beneficiaries, including LNEG, from 17 countries, all having a vast background across the range of energy storage technologies (electrochemical, chemical, thermal, mechanical and superconducting magnetic storages). StoRIES consortium brings together ESFRI facilities, European energy associations (EERA aisbl and EASE), technology institutes, universities and industrial partners.

By providing access to first-rate research infrastructures and services, the project will speed up the advancement of knowledge and technology in the field of energy storage. One of its technological goals is to optimise hybrid energy systems. For more information about the project read here.

The StoRIES webpage and the description of the RIs are online.

Please have a look at it: Research Infrastructures | StoRIES (
LNEG’s HPC Cluster RI can be found here: HPC Cluster | StoRIES (

This 1st call was open until July 31st, 2022, under the topic “Application oriented hybrid and sustainable energy storage solutions”. You can find it here: Calls | StoRIES (

Applications had to be submitted through the call website, where the Application Form for the call can also be found. The Rules and Procedures of StoRIES transnational accesses can be found here: Procedures & Rules | StoRIES (